The ultimate solution for parking space management

Imagine a city where every parking slot can be reserved.

In such an environment, drivers can plan their route prudently, without unnecessary extra driving in order to find a parking slot. This can significantly decrease the number of kilometres driven. The owners or tenants of a parking slot have a free place just for themselves, as the parking lots can only be used by authorised people. The remote reservation system can optimise the use of parking slots. Occasional users, e. g. guests, couriers, mechanics, loaders etc., can reserve parking slots purposefully, whenever they actually need it. If there is no free parking slot, alternative methods of travel, such as public transport, can be used.


Are you...

who has to deal with annoyed apartment owners regularly, as their parking slots get occupied by other residents?

whose employees continually complain about the assigned parking slots being used by others?

who has to spend a lot of money on car park security guards with the only task of keeping the parking slots of the facility free for authorised users?

where the inhabitants complain that despite having a residential parking permit, they can’t find any free parking slots?

who faces the same problem on a daily basis, with foreign cars occupying the parking slot assigned for loading and unloading, so that vans can’t load or unload at your store?

who struggles to make it possible for the vehicles of your fleet to park in the assigned parking slots?

who wants the customers to be able to reserve a charging station in advance, so that they have guaranteed access to it in the time slot suitable for them?

…or do you want to solve all the parking issues of the city?

If you answered yes to any of the questions

the PSRS system is a great option for you!


the ultimate solution




intertraffic amsterdam 2022

The PSRS system and pre-production models were presented with great success at the 2022 Amsterdam Inertraffic exhibition.

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The sales of PSRS devices starts on Q4 2022.

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